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Clatsop Economic Development Resources

Our mission is to deliver business-driven economic development services to Create, Grow & Retain Clatsop County Businesses.




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Relocate Your Business To Clatsop County

Are you looking to relocate your business or company to Clatsop County? To learn more about moving your business or starting a business in Clatsop County, please contact Kevin Leahy today.

Meet The CEDR Team

Clatsop Economic Development Resources comprises Clatsop County business and community leaders who work together to support the local economy. The CEDR Director is Kevin Leahy and the CEDR Board President is Lindsay Davis.

CEDR Success Stories

The Annual CEDR Awards

Clatsop Economic Development Resources is proud to present our annual CEDR awards ceremony, honoring the remarkable business accomplishments in our community. Prepare to be inspired as we recognize businesses that have truly made a difference. From their remarkable community impact to exceptional customer service, innovative practices to outstanding business achievements, these extraordinary enterprises have shaped the very fabric of our county. Moreover, we have a prestigious award, the Skip Hauke community supporter award, reserved for a truly exceptional individual who has gone above and beyond for our community.